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Lash & Brow Services

Whether you are looking to add lash extensions or just enhance your natural lashes with a lash lift and tint, we've got you covered.


Lash Lift 45min $90

A lash lift is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment. It is designed to boost the curl pattern of your own lashes and provide you with the classic no-makeup makeup look. But how does it work? A lash lift is a chemical process that curls your lashes. Unlike lash extensions, this type of lash enhancement only works with your natural lash length. There are no faux lashes involved in this procedure. A professional lash lift has three main phases. Prepping your lashes Perming Your lashes Conditioning your lashes *Curls your natural lashes for 6-8 weeks Please do not wear mascara for 48 hours before your appointment to get best results. Be sure to come with clean lashes.

Monday Lash Lift Special 1h $75

Lash Lift special pricing on Monday Only. Add tint for additional $20. *Avoid wearing mascara for 48 before your appointment* Come to your appointment with lashes free and clear of makeup . If lashes are not clean , there will be a $10 cleaning fee.

(Valid Only with Megan & Brandy)

Lash Tint 15min                                 $20

Brow Tint 15min                                    $20

We also offer Brow Lamination & many types of Lash Extensions as well!  You can browse our 'Services with Olivia' page, or contact Tess below, for a list of their services and booking info!

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